Daily success horoscope for companies


Daily Success horoscope



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The daily conditions for success


Entreprises-, Sites-, e-Mail-names, etc. :

Example Domain :

Example e-Mail   :

Example enterprise : Porsche






References to filling out :

-          With company names one indicates, what one expresses regularly on at the telephone as one announces itself. If the company, with an abbreviation, example „IBM“, indicate this abbreviation. 
One announces with  „IBM-Hamburg“ one enters itself in this this way

-          Legal forms such as kg, AG, GmbH, etc. are not indicated

-          One does not attach "Centre"  or the receptionists name

-          Domain names are indicated to E-Mail addresses as de / com / or net, etc.

-          E-Mail addresses : See example above

-          Hyphens can be replaced also by an empty space

-          The indication of special letters : ä = a, ö = o, ü = u, ß = ss,

-          Indication of accents : See examples : é = e, ŕ = a, â = a, etc..

-          Other particularities : O’Connor = O Connor, Mc’Enroe = Mc Enroe or Mc-Enroe



Example with company names :

Pay attention to the free space or hyphen, this can everything change


Monthly calendar :  Jentsch Zirkoniumimplantate  compared with Jentsch Zirkonium-Implantate

Example of an Site name :

Monthly calendar Eisenbahnromantik.decompared with


Conditions for the success of a company :

-          A good product

-          Property Daily success horoscope with the company name 

-          Property Daily success horoscope of the managing person

-          Property Daily success horoscope or the partners = chief secretary / waiter/ shop assistant, etc.


That "Daily success horoscope of Hubertus" is based on a twelve-year experience with the scientific base of

the "large topic after Hubertus".



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