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   Huberti Jentsch - Problematologe

   Person- and firm problem consulting


   Twenty years consulting experience.


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   Tel: 0049 – (0)7221 – 27.14.29 or





  • Consulting with „System 21“ and the „Person analysis after Hubertus“
    - Problems with the marriage-, life- or business partner
    - Family consultation, e.g. with problems with parents-in-law, children, etc.
    - Problems of Mobbing in the family, with colleagues, in the social life
    - Dissatisfied in the love or in the business life
    - Depressive or Aggressiveness
    - School problems, learning difficulties, children criminality, etc.
    - Joy lacking alive


  • Consultation with fears of existence
    Divorces, dismissals, unemployment, bankruptcy, diseases, etc.







   Call me:

                    Tel: 0049 – (0)7221 – 27.14.29  or




My conferences, courses or consulting days can be organized by you in your environment.

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