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   Karma : Debt conditions from previous lifes


With the following you can determine, what two humans owe physically-materially, morally or emotional to each other.

These relation form the most important attraction between humans; it allows us to say : love is blind !



 Data of person 1                                      in relation to

First name


Maiden name


Birth date

. .

The Zodiac


 person 2

First name


Maiden name


Birth date

. .

The Zodiac


                     Ascendant order                        Tatti Valo: speaks 120 languages from 120 lives




Explications to the Karma relations               Example



Advice for filling out the formular :

-         A Karma topic always makes one with the initials from forwards and surnames,

      with which the two persons learned themselves to know.


-         A married woman puts in the culumns the initial of their expressed first names

      and the initial of their maiden name and their expressed surname.

            The name of the father ( producer ), is also taken into account

            if the person is informed of the father-producer name – for :

      an adopted person with foster name

      or a person, which carries from birth to the name of the mother

      or an artist, who exchanged the father name for an artist name.. :


-          When filling out the columns it is sufficient to indicate the initials of the regularly expressed

      first names, maiden name , title and surname.


-          By titles one understands only considered regularly expressed titles of nobility as : von, to, de, etc.

      and their international counterparts (de la, Mac, della).


-          Scientific titles / honour title also  dr., Dr., Professor, etc. are not considered


-          Accents are not indicated : é = e, à = a, â = a, ä = a, ü = u , ö = o. etc. /  ß =ss


-          O’Connor = O Connor or O-Connor, Mc’Enroe = Mc Enroe or Mc-Enroe, etc.


  • Example :

da Maier :

            entry in the field “First name” :  I
entry in the field “Surname”    : M


  • Another example :

            Hans - Jakob von der Wiesen - Blume =

      entry in the field “First name”      :  H-J,

      entry in the field “Titles of nobility” : V-D

      entry in the field “Surname”         : W-B


      Maiden name

      Maiden name (birth name – fathers name - for men and women) is to be indicated,

      if one does not expressed the name of them





Do not enter maiden name twice(in the field maiden name and field surname).


      Example : Gaby Müller born Becker
entry in the field “First name”     :  G

      entry in the field “Maiden name” :  B

      entry in the field “Surname”       :  M


            If one maiden name at the names of the man and both expresses gives one, entry both initials into

 field “Surname” on and the field “Maiden name” leaves freely.       


Marriage partners :

Wen you make nowless with an married person, you have to consdered for your Karmarelationship theme also the maiden name.

One always makes Karma relation topics with the names, with which one became acquainted with oneself.


Szodiac and ascendant :


Withhout  Ascendant to now cannot be made obligatory data the emotional Karmarelation.


Gladly we provide your ascendant : Ascendant order


Case you not to get ahead :








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