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Analyse first your birth topic

Show, which conditions for luck, success and fame you or your friends were born with.

In the follow formula you can show how these conditions can be improved :
Change of destiny after name modification



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-          By titles one understands only considered regularly expressed titles of nobility as : von, to, de, etc.

      and their international counterparts (de la, Mac, della).

-          The are not considered scientific titles/honour title also  dr., Dr., Professor, etc.

-          Accents will not become indicated : é = e, ŕ = a, â = a, ä = a, ü = u , ö = o. etc.

-          Apostrophes are not indicated: O'Connor = O Connor, Mc'Enroe = Mc Enroe, etc..

-          The century number is not used.

-          If a person received on their birthday the surname from the mother or an adoptive name, do not use this formulary.


Please fill out the formular : Name modification – fate change



Example : change of destiny after name modification



The "Personal analysis" is based on a twelve-year-old scientific bases of the "Large topic by Hubertus".



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